CCSD Educational Technology

Cooper River BridgeWe believe technology provides 21st century learners the opportunity to excel when dynamic, engaging and innovative practices are used to meet their diverse needs.
The CCSD Educational Technology Department is focused on improving student achievement and college and career readiness by providing leadership and instructional support to teachers and leaders as they integrate technology into the curriculum.
In supporting CCSD’s Vision 2016 the Department of Educational Technology & Instructional Support has adopted the ISTE NETs for Advancing Digital Age Coaching in order to advance the integration of the Common Core State Standards and our core mission.

Innovator Spotlight: Sherry Musci

Sherry and ClassCongratulations to Sherry Musci at St. Andrews School of Math and Science for being selected as the Ed Tech Innovator for March 2014. Read more about Sherry's classroom and watch the video of Ed Tech's surprise visit. Do you know a tecaher using technology in innovative ways? Nominate someone today!

Google Apps for Education

GoogleFor more information about the transition to Google  please visit the CCSD Google Mail info page on the CCSD Intranet. For training resources visit the Google Online Learning Center.

Do You Edmodo?

EdmodoWe are excited to announce our district-wide deployment of Edmodo, a free and secure social networking platform for teachers, students, parents and school administrators. Attend one of the weekly webinars occuring each Tuesday at 4:00 pm to learn how to get started.

HEAT Self-Service

HEAT SSWhile the HelpDesk, (843) 308-8181, is often your best bet for something that can be resolved immediately; Heat Self Service offers an alternate method of initiating work orders for technology equipment issues and failures.