SMART Notebook 11 Update

Please follow these directions to update your SMART Notebook software to the version 11.

Note: if you have a large collection of gallery files saved in My Content please export as a collection file (select this option by right clicking My Content) and import back into My Content (drag and drop) after updating.

Flash Player / SMART Notebook 11 Resolution

The latest update of Adobe Flash Player IS compatible with SMART Notebook 11. This corrects the previous conflict that was causing Flash objects not to work correctly in SMART Notebook files.

SMART Board Work Orders

If your SMART Board is not operating properly please open a work order with the CCSD Help Desk 308-8181.  If you open a work order, but resolve the issue on your own please reply to the service email indicating that the issue has been resolved and the work order can be canceled. 

SMART™ Board Training Sites

Smart BoardThere are free learning resources organized by product at the SMART Training Resources page. Click the blue arrow next to the product you need help with. There are video tutorials as well as printable Quick Reference and Hands On Practice documents. Teachers and administrators can also contact the Department of Educational Technology to request a workshop or course, or general support. Visit our Contact page to find the Ed Tech for your learning community.

* SMART™ Notebook collections linked here are from companies, school districts, and individuals not affiliated with CCSD. As with any instructional tool please use your best professional judgment when planning to use these resources in your classroom.